While on the subject of profanity ~

I mentioned in a blog post the other day that my grandmother had a potty mouth.  Her go to bad words were 'blame it'  or 'blast it all'.   Even at five or six years of age, I knew she was being naughty.  I knew she was provoked by something to use such profanity. 

On the subject of profanity, I ask myself, if the intent is there - to use profanity - then is one word more profane than another?   Is it more profane to use a bad word in church or less profane if uttered from the front seat of a car?

Is there less sin if the words are only thought about and not vocalized? 

Is f*** more profane than s***?  Or is 'oh, hell  no'  totally acceptable?   Is 'up your fricking a** 'less profane than inserting the other F word? 

I used profanity the other day and I make no excuse except that I was provoked beyond my breaking point.  It was a knee-jerk reaction and one I'm not proud of.    I apologized to the group but was asked to leave the premises.  Yet when I hear  one among the group say the s*** word and one express herself with 'oh, hell no' ....all in the same building, then I'm led to believe that what comes out of my mouth must be sooooo much dirtier than the words from your mouth.  Life just isn't fair, is it? 

Is it because you went to church Sunday and I only said a silent prayer while pruning my shrubs?   

Is it because you give more time or money to your church than I to the one I once belonged to?  

Life gives me lots of questions, but seldom all the answers.  But, then, I really don't want to hear your rationale that makes your profanity sound sweeter and less abusive then mine.  I'm simply musing today about the individual natures of folks about me. 

 I'm on my way now to forgetting about all this and moving on down the road.  Smiling already.  Yet,

I remain my questioning self.....



  1. OMG....I KNEW I liked you! LOL

  2. I can't believe someone asked you to leave. One of the things about being retired is being able let go a profane word on occasion. I was always afraid that I'd get used to profanity and use it in class. Though I'd certainly been provoked in class. There's a double standard for everything.


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