Improv Quilt-Making is Magical ~ to me !

The sewing room is in a shamble, but that's okay....lots of good stuff being made.  OR, at least the good stuff is a work in progress....and, yes, that's progress. 

We, the HuMAn and I, got a bit of garden pruning done yesterday.  The shears are now dull and oh, what a back ache I have.  There's more to trim but thankfully, we are having a rain day to give us some recovery time. 

Here's what's on the design wall.....inspired by a Tonya Alexander pattern in the March/April 2014 issue of Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting magazine.  Tonya calls this her fruit bowl bulls eye as seen on her Pinterest Board..... where she mixes up the log cabin and snowball blocks for interest. 

Her design interested me anyway.  I started out with a precut layer cake I had on hand and not enough background fabric (so, what else is new?) so am having to do a little improvisational block-making now.

The first few blocks came out as instructed by Tonya.......I really liked this one

and this one was okay with a solid background ~

and then the improv fun started with what fabric I had on hand~

Who knows how I will construct the alternate blocks, given the lack of the sameness of fabric!!

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  1. OHHHH! I saw your inspiration quilt recently in the magazine at the newstand. I love yours better!


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