I'm A Computer Addict

Peggy Lee...great songstress I remember from the 1950's says it best. And I quote...

"Let me go, let me go, let me go, lover. Let me be, set me free from your spell, lover. You made me weep, cut me deep, I can't sleep, lover. I was cursed from the first day I fell.

"You don't want me but you want me to go on wanting you. How I pray that you'll say that we're through. Please turn me loose. What's the use? Let me go, lover.
Let me go, let me go, let me go!!"

It's a love/hate relationship I'm having here. I can't say "No" to this relationship I'm creating with my computer. I'm now in the middle of creating my very own website!!

And, I'm still quilting. I have two coin quilt tops almost completed and ready to be quilted.

Should I be humming Zippidy Do Dah, Zippidy Day?


  1. I know the feeling. It has gotten to the point where my butt has forgotten what the couch feels like.. if I have 10 minutes to spare I am sitting at my computer!
    Good luck on the personal website! I have been busy doing design favors this week and haven't had time to post on my blog. Maybe tonight I will get to.
    The song was a good one! Take care!

  2. Hi, Misty, good to hear from you. I hope to get back to serious blog entering this week. Been busy going in circle with this web thing-a-gootchy.....

  3. Ah Marty! I sure hope that "website" bug is NOT contagious!! I have already caught the "blog" pox from you, (and then my friend Paula caught it from me, so you are responsible for 2 infectious diseases when the CDC starts checking!) and I DO NOT have time for another strain of computer mania!! Have fun with your website... I know it will be great... Can't wait to see what you are cooking up on it!!

  4. Well, Kathy, don't hold your breath on this one. I'm still stretching my learning curve. Hopefully I will have help coming in this week. I really want it to look like the rich quilter's websites......


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