Arise and Shine

I profess to get up when I wake up....not one to toss and turn and wish the clock would stop. When I wake up...I'm awake. I should have held to my regimen this morning. I woke up and decided I would go back to's Sunday. Then my mind started rolling and it wasn't especially fruitful.

Here's one thought that ran around my head for a few minutes - "what color is puce? and what do I wear with it???" From there well, then "what color is aubergine? and is it in my color family?" Since I've been color-coded, I really like to wear the shades and hues in my best colors, so how would I know. I'll just continue to thumb through the catalog pages that advertise a puce or aubergine sweater.

I can quickly put my finger on orange, olive, grape, lime, tangerine. I can even wrap green as in grass and blue as in sky around my head. But puce? aubergine? Okay, this took a few minutes of tossing and turning. By now, dearest had stopped snoring...

Okay, now I moved on. I admit it....I'm a Dixie Chicks fan. Not politically the correct thing to admit, but I enjoy their music. I don't have to endorse their political beliefs (or lack thereof)....
They have a very fast little toe-tapping song that stays in my head for hours after I hear it.

Don't know the name of it, but just a short snippet of it....."I shouldn't be wearing white and he can't afford no ring.....mama don't approve, mama don't approve, he's the best thing in town and mama don't approve." (not my grammar)

Anyway, dearest is beginning to toss, I moved on

Why do women subject themselves to verbal and very physical abuse? I was appalled yesterday to hear that Rihanna reconciled with Chris Brown. To those of you who don't know the couple, he's the one who beat the living h(*! out of her Oscar night. There is so much domestic abuse in this world today, I was so hopeful that she would seek help and overcome the need to subject herself to this horror and ultimately help others to escape their entrapment.

But, even more appalling was that her father publicly says he is okay with the reconciliation. A father is okay that his daughter is not in a safe place? How sick...

Now my feet hit the floor... And dearest is sleeping soundly again. My mood is beginning to lighten. I bet I get up when I wake up tomorrow. Happy Sunday one and all....


  1. Aubergine= eggplant. I like this color, though it there is a fine line between aubergine and purple. I had aubergine bridesmaids gowns at my wedding. This was because I had a winter wedding yet didn't like burgandy or hunter green. I like a really grayed out lavender. I tried to paint my bathroom this color but crossed the fine line into Barney. yuck. lol

  2. Hi, Misty, have not heard from you in a while. I love eggplant color also, but not a lot of purple. Bet aubergine would make a great bath color. Try again. Hope your day has been good.


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