All In a Day's Work!!

I don't like to have my picture taken! Never know what to do with feet or my hands. I'm not sure if my smile is real or phony or too limp or too toothy. Am I saying cheese at just the right moment? Are my shoulders back, chest out, stomach in???

Obviously, I was quite relaxed in yesterday's photo shoot. Here I am slaving over getting this bush pruned while HuMAN is having a grand ole time! But I have to admit these are some of the best pictures I've had made of me lately! And since I was oblivious to his antics, I sure didn't take time to pose. He's not the least bit interested in my hands or feet or shoulders or smile! Is he a lecher or what? That's okay.....he thinks it's a nice ass!


  1. Thank you, Marty and HuMAN for a good laff for today ! ! !

  2. That is hysterical! Fantastic! Yep, to quote a local bakery advertisement, "Nice Buns! Grab some today!" :) HuMAN has a lot in common with My Honey. :)

    Very best,

  3. LOL me thinks HuMans has a lot in common with my delightfull hubby also! Great pictures your looking fabulous!

  4. Wild post. Thanks for the smile today. :D btw: thanks for passing through my blog and leave your mark... :D - another toothy grin...


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