I'm Not Blue

My newest little quilt - "I'm Not Blue" was so quick and easy. Eight (not blue) fat quarters were cut Saturday and sewn together yesterday afternoon. Now ready to go out to my favorite quilter.

Oh well....I have to 'fess up. See the green that looks a little different at the quilt bottom. I made a bit of a cutting mistake and had to add a little bit of fabric to the eight original fat quarters. To this I say, thank goodness for fabric stashes and scraps! Some little girl will never think "mistake" when she sees this little charmer.....life and children are good things!

Hope your day is good....I'm off for doctor visit. No, no problems, just the annual thing we all should do to assure that we stay fit!


  1. When I saw the teeny photo on my blog roll I said WOW. Up close this quilt is even more WOW. Love it!!

  2. What lovely colors together. Any little girl will love this one. :)


  3. This kind of quilt looks so hard to me now. Beautifully done!!!
    What mistake????????

  4. What a little sparkler~~nice nice job!!

  5. LOVE the colors! A great design as well.

  6. This is a really striking quilt, great design and colour choices. Especially the green (but I'm biased as thats my favourite colour!)


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