Getting Inspired!

Life has been a bit crazy lately.

The stem of inspiration has been broken!

I must now pick myself up and get my head beyond the cloud of doubt. Just typing these thoughts are making me roar...."I am woman, hear me roar!"

Dust myself off:

(Picture unavailable)

Start all over again: The nest is now empty. I don't know what happened to the little eggs that were in the tree just outside my bathroom window. I watched her sit on her eggs each morning as I sat on my loo - and then one morning, she came no more to thrill me as she sat on her eggs as I sat on my loo. I doubt that she has given up! I'm thinking she has found a new place to start again!

Inspiration - found this art quilt hanging in a gallery in Paducah. The gallery owner graciously allowed pictures to be taken of her work. I've been looking at this picture for days now in the hope that I will get out of my stagnant state of mind and be inspired to make art quilts again.


  1. Oh so much beauty here. The dove on next shot is wonderful to behold. And the giraffe digital picture is terrific too.
    I do like that woman's art quilt very much, and hope it does inspire you to get going! Sometimes we need a let ideas be birthed and grow.

  2. As always, Marty, your art & fabric creations are fabulous ...

    Don't you truly wonder about these little events in life with nature? They all flew the coop?

    Have a beautiful Mother's Day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Yes, let's hope mother dove has found another place to start a family. It's a very pretty quilt. Inspiration sometimes hits us when we least expect it, but it always comes to us. :)

    Very best,


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