far away

Shots on the highways and byways..... We ran into a rainstorm and a most gorgeous layer of photo manipulation here. This is the real thing!

Will you be my pretty?

We had a fun yesterday visiting my sister and her two daughters. I continue to be amazed that niece Shannon will not have her kitty spayed! But oh what little darlings kitty has and Shannon continues to find homes for them! Oh well! Who am I to reason why?


  1. Ah, beautiful images once again. I just love stopping by here. :)


  2. Your pics are gorgeous, as alays, Marty.

    Wellllll, I kind of sympathize with her ... tho I know it is not wise ... I loved watching the birthing process & tending to the babies until it is time to give them away. The joy I had with those little kitties ... then sobbed as they all left for new homes. Sorry, just memories resurfaced ... now I spay immediately.

    Have a wonderful week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Wow at first glance of those clouds I though.....great quilt job! LOL I would have had to pull over for awhile an just admire mother Nature

  4. I can't believe you caught the pic of the cat and hummingbird! Priceless!


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