Sitting on a Live Wire

I have been on edge ever since the attempted break-in last week; but today my home will not be fragile or broken again. I'm feeling more secure as each hole is being drilled in my ceilings and windows and doors. Wires are being strung from the attic down through each hole. I'm feeling warm and fuzzy and secure - wires are hanging everywhere! Feeling wired is a good thing 'cause when all those wires are connnected, we'll have a central station alarm to help protect us. I say "help" protect us. There's always the firearm method of protection. You betcha!


  1. Were wired at our house too, Yep wired IS good!
    Glad your feeling better

  2. Oh how scary. I missed that. Glad your getting secured with alarms.

  3. Hi Marty,

    I'm with you, as you know, about both alarms and firearms. :) Our alarm system is wireless, but does the same job.

    We also like our security cameras. We can access them from wherever we have an internet connection AND they record everything that moves outside our home via six cameras. We have had visitors at night while only our daughter was home, have been able to print out time stamped pictures of the character at our front door at 3 AM trying to get our daughter to let him in, and give the pictures to the police. Of course, two very large dogs were on the inside of the door with our daughter, too. :)

    I'm glad to hear you feel more secure now, my friend. No one should be afraid in his/her own home.

    Very best,


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