To The Point.....

No intruders last night. After the screen was patched to ward off intruders (again), I put the final word of warning on. I'm sure this stopped them in their tracks!

They cut the screen, unlocked the door and got into our private space! But, in retrospect, we feel lucky. Our very close neighbor's home was invaded...yes, they actually got into their home through a kitchen window. Took their wallet and purse, car keys, left through the kitchen door, which they left open, of course, then left in their car! Yes, they were bed...asleep...and knew none of this until the next morning. The car was found yesterday afternoon, so we are all hoping prints can be obtained and arrests made. Wouldn't that be a good thing!

Every now and then all the stars and moon and sun and windmill points align! This seldom happens, but I stitched these 2" square perfect beauties yesterday! Life is good.


  1. Hi Marty,

    Ah, yes, the stars aligned and your sign is perfect, too. At least with the sign on the masking tape, "they" are warned you could be standing guard on the other side of the screen door with a big welcome cocked and ready. BTW, their M.O. of coming in and taking purse, keys, etc., is the same as the burglar that was in our neighborhood for 2 years. He had just gotten out of prison in another part of the country for doing the same thing. I wonder if he just got out of prison again.... Hmmmm....

    Seriously, I hope all goes as well for you now as the alignment of your stars. :)

    Happy Friday,

  2. How rotten. Not your cute squares, of course. Its terrible to have your home violated. Hope these people are caught very soon. Nasty jerks.

  3. Yikes!
    Put out a HUGE dog bowl, they will think you got a big dog and go someplace else....

  4. Taking the car keys is a very common thing now, a lot of burglars come in just for them.
    Its a horrible scare to have. Especially when you are home at the time. I really hope they catch them.


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