Breaking and Entering Not Allowed!

I'm an ultra right brained kinda person. I flit around quilting - every genre - love to knit purses and scarfs (limited abilities) - needlepoint - cross stitch. I love to paint - walls - note cards - fabric. I sew window curtains - shower curtains - duvet covers - table cloths - napkins - purses. I make journals - journal covers - my photography abilities are growing daily.

I'm also smart - really smart - so I allowed my left brain to take control this morning! Awoke at my usual early hour and fed inside cats then headed out to take care of the abandoned outside cats that have so generously adopted us. When suddenly - hold on here - the back screen door had a huge cut in it and the screen latch was unhooked! Okay - HuMan must have tripped on his way outside with the trash last night....but he forgot to mention it to me! I continued on my walk when I discovered the back gate was open. We keep it closed all the time with a great big mega lock on it!

Now my left brain really kicked in. I'm scared! So, I high tailed it back inside. Needless to say HuMan got roused out of bed early! He denied doing damage to the back door...even denied leaving the back gate open and unlocked. Yes, we found the lock had been cut. What has happened to my safe house???

Our entire back perimeter is enclosed by an 8' wooden fence and both sides have a 6' chain link surround that is covered in hedge as tall as the fence. We still cannot find how they entered the yard. We have lights in the two oak trees that light up the entire front of our house. There are four spot lights on fountains and trees in back, plus the storage building is lit. Who would be so daring as to enter such a well lit highly populated residential area? I'm glad the storage area was helped them rummage through to find the wire cutter to cut the lock to exit through the gate. They were also kind enough not to steal the cutters, they were laying on the concrete that houses the AC compressor! Now weren't they considerate!

I'll get my left brain settled down in a little while so I can post some of my right brain projects! I had a good night's rest....nothing disturbed either brain! Thank goodness.....


P.S. We have guns and know how to use them....if necessary! I'll probably go to the firing range today for a little refresher course and target practice!


  1. Hi Marty,

    Oh, my, yes, when it hits that someone has been near or trying to get into your home, it's very frightening, ESCPECIALLY if you were home at the time! Our attitude has completely changed in the 31 years we have lived in our home from very open (stupid) to very careful. We've had a couple of events of people coming onto the property who were not invited.

    In addition to our two large dogs (we've always had dogs), we now have ADT on all doors and windows, independent security cameras recording everything that we can monitor from anywhere we have an Internet connection, and I won't disclose how many firearms we have or other security measures also in place. Yes, we have taken all the appropriate firearms courses and our firearms are legal. We hope we never need any of that, but we have learned to protect ourselves and our property. We had a burglar in our neighborhood who was finally arrested last year after two years of scaring the entire neighborhood of people living in beautiful, large old homes. He broke into homes very close to ours; we believe he avoided our home because of our cameras and alarm systems.

    I hope you are able to do whatever you need to do to feel safe once again.

    One of your regular visitors

  2. Major BUMMER, Marty!! I'm so thankful that you are OK!! I would say it is just life in the big city, but unfortunately in today's world crimes like this have even invaded the country-living-dirt-road areas (like mine), too.


  3. Oh, Yikes ! ! !
    I can't imagine how you feel.
    It is down right spooky.

    Geez, all we do is mind our business, live our lives knowing right from wrong.

    There are some very nasty individuals on this earth. Let's hope this doesn't happen again.

    Keep Very Positive Thoughts going your way.

    Hus & ♥♥♥s,

  4. What a terrible feeling of having your space violated. It sounds like they didn't get into your house, but that doesn't take away the doubts and fears and surface. I'm glad you're OK, and hope things calm down at your house! Your right brain stuff is wonderful -- keep it up!

  5. I'll go to the range with you.
    Gerald bought me a 22 automatic, and I'm not on target.

    I'm glad no one was hurt!

    Karla, Your friend in Quilting

  6. I missed this. Must have been when my DH was having his surgery. Our home was broken into in CA years ago when I went to the market for a few things. We had louver window doors and it took him almost till I got home to get then out and in our home. I came home as he was stealing things. He went out of the house another way before I got in but I did see the back of him. He made off with some valuables altho not the pile he had on the floor. I think the worst part was the envading of our space. It never left me.


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