What happens at home stays here!

As much as I do for them.....I provide food and water, shelter, a safe place to live and raise their families. It's a very loving, nurturing atmosphere and more. And what do they give me back??? No respect! They pooped on my nice, clean, white shirt! It had one little wine spot on it so I used my bleach pen and put it out in the sun to dry. Now just look at what I have to clean up! It will never be the same!

Did they think I wasn't working fast enough on the bird house quilt? I have another round put on all 12 blocks.....lots of polka dots. I think I'll tone this down with hot pink sashing! A friend helped me find a nice layout so I could use all 12 blocks. The pattern calls for 10 alternate block to fill in the holes.

Okay birds - fair warning - don't poop on my personal items again or you will be denied the pleasure of my company!

Hugs 'til later..... Marty


  1. Good morning, Marty. May the bird messes be few and far between in your life!! If they only realized they were biting the hand that feeds them, or rather, pooping on the person who provides. Hope the rest of your day is better.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the birdhouse quilt... so cute, colorful, and artsy!

    I'm soon going to work on a small free-form house quilt in bright colors. It has been on my to-do list for a couple of years now... just waiting for inspiration to come together into some workable form and for TIME to do this!


  2. You are so cute! Shame on those ungrateful fellas!

    Love the bird quilt ... you use such lovely bright colors ...

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. Well.....I don't see a bird-outhouse anywhere???? giggle!
    Love your birdhouse quilt!!!!!

  4. Oh, my, bird poop. Hopefully, they haven't eaten anything that stains badly. Our birds just love mulberries and, well, you know....

    I just love your bird houses. :))))))



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