I'm A Lucky Girl!

I am so lucky - can get up early and visit my sewing room, my computer, my camera, my printer without interruption for an hour or so.

But even before I visit my space, I head outside to feed the cats that adopted us. I had such a surprise this morning from the big yellow cat. He missed me so much last week that he brought me a treat to welcome me home. Yes, you guessed it - he snared a rat just for me! And he left my gift just outside the backdoor. After a huge yikes...my heart filled joy. A rat! Just for me! Thanks, Yellow Cat - you are the greatest!

(No picture of dead rat - but I think you get the picture.)

And when HuMan does join me, it is always with a hug and a kiss. Perfect way to start the day - gifts first, then hugs and kisses! I love that the whole family makes me feel like a lucky girl!


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  2. It must be the season. No sooner had my next door neighbor come by to tell us he'd seen four rats climbing across the limbs of our fig tree out back, our cat Henry V deposited one (beheaded, mind you) at our Front Door! Yuck! No photo here either.

  3. I'd rather he snared a rat than let it get away! He's a pretty cat -- but I bet he knows that already!

  4. Thanks for a fun pick-me-up to my day, Marty! You are indeed a lucky girl!

  5. I'm sitting here having a good chuckle. We had cats bring us such presents, too, so learned to look before stepping out the back door. :)


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