Good to Go!

From okay to better-than-okay.....these flamingo's at the Birmingham Zoo were just too photogenic. These gals just needed a little color punch. "Good to Go" is another lesson from Susan Tuttle's Digital Expressions This lesson fine tuned my limited knowledge of using the magnetic lasso tool and deselecting an object (got that?) Boy, can I talk the talk, or what?

No, I'm not making any money off this endorsement of Susan's book. She's probably never heard of me nor ever read my blog. Very simply, when I find something good, I like to share!

Toodle loo til later....Marty


  1. Great shots and the color is fantastic. Great job! I am loving what you are doing.

  2. Thanks Lois...this book is wonderful for a photoshop junkie!

  3. You know, I saw that book when I was rushing through the book store to get a father's day present for my dad. I wanted to take a look at it, but didn't have time. I guess I'll have to get back there soon.

    Nice pics -- I love the colors.

  4. I tried winning her book in a few giveaways...I guess I will buy it, as I need help learning how to use Photoshop Elements. Thanks for the push.

  5. Great photos! I love flamingoes!


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