Where do tracks go?

If tracks could take you anywhere in the world, where would that be? Just imagine!
Today, I would like to be somewhere cool. Nice and balmy, slightly overcast. Might that be San Francisco? Denver? Vancouver, BC? Orka Island. Do I need a ferry to get there? No, wait! Maine or Massachusetts or Long Island. That's it....Long Island!

Nope, back in sultry Louisiana I imagine I'll stay inside and sew the afternoon away. Or should I play some more in photoshop. Perhaps take a nap.....so many choices - just imagine!


  1. I like the tracks traveling through the redwood trees, so might be here in No. California!

    Enjoy whatever you decided to do with your afternoon.

  2. Lovely image of tracks. I like the idea of staying inside, too. It's even too hot to walk the doggies here, too. We just keep their pool filled. They go out in the back yard as needed, then into the pool. Is it Fall yet?


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