Work Place.....One and the Same!

Here is my winter sewing room!

And my summer sewing room!

Well....what prompted this outburst? I saw a picture today of a beautiful open patio. The owner of that patio declared the space as her summer work space!!! I've been suffering in 101 degree heat for the past few days - thus I brag about my winter and summer sewing rooms. Yes, they are different - one has nice heat! the other has cool air!


  1. Ha! I love the way you think. Air conditioning is very good where we live now, too.

  2. You are too funny, Marty.
    Heat and humidity here in mid-MO is at it's best. We're just tryin' to Keep Cool.

  3. You go, Girl!! Patio work space, indeed... I would be so swamped with bugs (and other critters, like my 3 outside cats) that I would not get much done there. I think you have the right idea... we truly have 4-season work spaces... works well all of the year.



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