Bonjour Quebec

Great Falls in Quebec -
And same picture altered, layered, transformed! I loved all the church steeples that dotted the skyline. Couldn't resist adding one to the great falls picture. And can you see the writing in the piece of carved wood. Just another layer in addition to the church steeple. Yep....this is three photos layered one on top of the other.

Same layers...just blended using color burn mode (I think). There are so many possibilities - can't always remember what I did last! I'm always thinking of what to do next!

Salut Quebec! That means goodbye. Until we meet again, I'll remember your beauty with all my pictures.



  1. Yes, it is so much fun to have good digital cameras and software to make the images just the way we want them. Nice pictures!


  2. Great job mixing it up. I like the "normal" photo too. LOL Looks like a beautiful place to visit.
    Your arty pictures are terrific too.

  3. I love these photos. Beautiful.


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