Birdhouse Quilt....a continuing saga

Purchased this Kaffe Fassett fabric:

Auditioned Fabric with Birdhouses:

Made alternate blocks and sewed it all up:

I like this - now back to fabric shop for the final outer border, backing and binding fabric. I also have some applique work to do....perhaps! Another day and we'll continue with the birdhouse saga. I love it when you click each photo, then enlarge to get the best view of details (including loose threads).


  1. I just LOVE your bird houses!

  2. Thanks, Lois. I think they are fun!

  3. What a GREAT SETTING for these Tweet Houses.
    Makes me want to say, "YeeHaw ! ! ! "

  4. Wow marty this piece is a stunner!

  5. I wasn't sure about the fabric when I first saw it, but you made it work out wonderfully with your birdhouses! What a beautiful quilt that is turning into!


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