Asterick ***** Quilt WIP's a Work In Progress! I now have 21 asterick blocks completed and have another 15 or so in various stages of construction grace. I need a break! Astericks are all over the scrap page! Since I haven't decided what size this should be, I don't know how many more I need to make. I guess when the scraps begin to dwindle, that's where I'll stop!

The weeds are calling my name. Oh, you hear them too! I guess I do need some natural vitamin D to end my day. Hugs til next time.....Marty


  1. Hi Marty,

    I am in awe of what you quilters do. Very pretty! :)

    Yes, a little time outside to catch some rays is fine if it's not too hot there! I hope it's pleasant there so you can get outside.


  2. Oh, Marty, I love your Asterisk
    I am clearing the decks here -
    new windows are in and the guys are almost finished on the outside part of the install -
    and only one or two projects in line to do
    so an Asterisk for me is on the way soon.

  3. Wow you've done loads. They look great. A good way to get through the scraps pile.
    cheers Shev


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