An array of mini diaries!



Edited to include the link to Sue's cereal box tutorial....thanks Vicki for finding this for me!
I sure wish I could remember where I first saw the instructions on how to make these little mini diaries....'cause I do like to give credit where credit is due.  It's for sure I'm not smart enough to come up with this idea.....well, I'm smart enough....but I'm also smart enough to let someone else do the hard part.  I like to do the fun stuff:
(1) recycle cereal box and cracker cardboard
(2) find scrap fabric to cover front and back sides of cardboard
(3) iron heat-and-bond fabric adhesive to wrong side of fabric, then peel the paper backing off and iron to cardboard
(4)  trim excess fabric....let cardboard be your trim guide
(5) cut corners off one end to make a tab
(6) make a slit about l 1/2" from top of the other end - long enough for the tab to insert into
(7) stitch around all the edges, including the slit for the tab
(8) fold into thirds
(9) add paper pages....punch 3 holes through all layers and thread embroidery floss to secure the pages to the mini diary.  I usually insert 15 pages...this gives 30 front and back pages for those who like to keep a monthly diary! 

Have fun's Friday!  When I have nothing else to do, I cook.....


  1. Was it from Sue's tutorial -

    Regardless, they will be great gifts!

  2. Marti, I am just loving this idea...Vicki - thanks for the hpost to to the recycle bin!


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