{Echo} Week 27- Branches

I love it when a black cat crosses my path....especially when he shows his best profile!  This picture just fit Chrysti and Susan's flickr challenge this week.....branches.   I know the emphasis isn't on the branch so forget about the black cat for a moment and find the branch....it's there!

And here is Autumn's branch - love her interpretation and can't wait to see where she puts this piece of printed fabric.  I  know this is just a tease....so go see for yourself .


  1. Love it Marty. I so want to learn Photo Shop, but gosh I have too many digi thing going on already.

  2. hi anon....it's well worth taking the time to learn...so much fun to play. if you live nearby...i'll teach you what i know.

  3. lovely branches and yes, the cat is a wonderful addition to that photo.


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