Having a Holiday Party

My best friend Ann makes the most fun cards - not the kind I make - I mean she REALLy  cAN make a cArd sing!  Here is just one of many I've received from her through the years.  This one just says it all....Tom and I have been having a holiday party today.  Just the two of us and it's been wonderful.  We celebrated with the extended family Christmas Eve and have loved our quiet day together, starting out with our Mimosa laced breakfast/brunch, then gift-opening.  I've just finished putting together the fixings for our Christmas dinner.   We're having a roasted turkey breast with cornbread dressing and gravy. Simple green beans and fresh fruit salad.  Like I said....just the two of us - having a traditional Southern holiday celebration. 


  1. Your dinner sounds yummy! :)) So homey, so warm, so nice. :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely Christmas day, Marty!!! Hope 2011 is your best year yet!! Kris


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