Aunt Mildred was stressed!

"Aunt Mildred" was one of my first thread-sketched fabric cards.  She was my grandmother's sister and I loved  her dearly; however, she always had henna dyed red hair and always adorned herself with red, red lipstick!  And, as a child, I swore to myself that I would never get that old!.....well, guess what....I have arrived.  My hair isn't quite as red these days, I'm toning it down slightly, but I still lean toward the red/orange lipstick!

And, I'm feeling as stressed today as my Aunt Mildred appears in this art card.  Why?  Several reasons.....
beginning with No. 1 - it's almost the new year and I still haven't resolved.  Doesn't everyone have a New Year's Resolution!  The only thing I've come up with is to resolve to make this a year with some serious fun!

Reason No. 2 - HuMAn and I always have black-eyed-peas (you know, the good luck thing) and cabbage or greens (the money thing) on New Years Day, but when we planned our weekly menu the other day - S M T W T F S - we didn't realize that S stood for January 1 so knowing it was going to be cold with rain predicted, we wrote "beef stew" in the Saturday slot.  The grocery shopping is done and my mouth is watering for beef stew, so I'm stressing over changing the menu.  I sure need some luck and more money, but I sure want that beef stew too!

Reason No. 3 - I've started making a monthly calendar.  My first monthly was in December....I'm on a roll!
But I haven't found just the right photo background for my second monthly calendar.  Yep....I'm stressed, but for now I'm going for breakfast and then on to exercise and to get a new color applied to my hair, maybe a pedicure.  This may just be a fun day after all.

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  1. I've not really committed to any resolutions for 2011.
    There are one or two that really need to be made and kept, but . . . .

    perhaps I can accomplish the same without making a formal resolution . . . . .
    Holiday Hugs,


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