It's still the asterisk ***** quilt wip

but I'm making progress.  I started on this one back in June - here, to be exact - and finally got sick of asterisks after 43 were completed.  Today I decided that 43 mixed in with a bunch of white would be just good enough.   And, after I got this design on the wall, I had two extra!  I like this, except the yellow one on the bottom is sticking it's tongue out at me. 

Replaced the little bugger with one of my extras.  This may be a better blend.   


  1. An asterisk quilt, no make that a throw, has been on my list.
    That's as far as I've gotten so far.
    I'll take your solution to making less asterisk block to heart.
    Happy Holiday Hugs

  2. Marty, I LOVE them with the white! It really tones them down, and at the same time puts more attention on them, if that makes any sense? I guess it gives the eye a place to rest. Anyway, this solution brings to mind that old adage that necessity is the mother of invention, and you sure did a wonderful layout for this quilt!

    ~ Ronda

  3. Yes, the white is great. And, this is a good time of the year to be wrapping up projects. It gives a good start for new projects in the new year.


  4. Looks good to me! Karen on selvageblog was my inspiration for the start and then the finish of my asterisk quilt.

  5. Hi Marty, Love the name asterisk, for this quilt. It's so perfect. I can see how you might get to the point of enough with the asterisks already. But it's well worth coming back to to finish


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