I was off and running this morning (not literally).  Well, kinda.  I did get to the center to work out on the elliptical machine then go to spin class.  I was energized.  While on the elliptical, I was glancing through a decorator magazine and it said I could make major improvements in my house in just a day!  Here's what I should do with candlesticks...he says...I'm quoting here.....

"Gather all your candlesticks and group them in a mismatched cluster of varying heights, with tapers 12 to 15 inches tall.  Only two candle colors are allowed:  cream or black."

When I got home, I gathered all my candlesticks!!! Pictured above!!!   I only had one and it's taper was neither cream nor black, oh my! and it was way short of the 12 to 15 inch height rule.  I guess that's why I failed decorator school....you think?

Feel free to pass this decorator tip on - but only to your friends who have more than one mismatched candlestick whose tapers are only cream or black and measure more than 12 inches, but less than 15.


  1. Wonder what you do if you have two matching sets of candlesticks and only three red candles?

  2. Now, that would throw a decorator into a head spin. What? Two of a kind! And, red isn't the current color of choice...he/she might smugly say.


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