A blue and green rag quilt!

Did I say the beauty of a rag quilt is in its snug-ability!

I have a new pair of scissors - well actually, snips - rag quilting snips- that made all this snipping a breeze.  A must-have for the prolific rag quilt quilter. (Am I the last to know!)  All my left-over blues and some greens  with lots of white, all washed up and frayed, makes  a most snuggly rag quilt.


  1. How very cool! What a wonderful look for a den or home office couch. Those are my colors, too. :)

  2. Very cozy! What did you use for batting? I'm thinking of making a rag quilt out of old blue jeans and am wondering about how to construct it. Debating the merits of low loft bat versus flannel.

  3. Thanks Lois....yes, it does have a come-here-and-sit-a-spell-look about it.

    And hi Chris....I used cotton batting for this one because I was using cotton fabric. With a heavy fabric such as denim, you don't even have to use a batting. But, flannel sounds nice - lighter weight than batting - I would just pre-wash since your old jeans are probably well-worn! Happy rag quilting. Watch out.....it's addictive!


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