January 2011 Quilters' Calendar

January, 2011 Quilters' Calendar
Four-Patch Block

A friend gifted me a 2011 daily calendar....and what a delight it is to flip each each page to see a different quilt block.  So, full of inspiration in this new year,  being the quilter that I am,  not only will I be making quilts in 2011, but will also be making monthly calendars for quilters.  It's a simple 4-patch block and I've incorporated this one in the quilt I finished yesterday - a rag quilt that must first be washed to nicely fray the edges.  I'll send a picture out as I get into my day.  Go here to download  for your January desktop background.....The pleasure is all mine!

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  1. How very nice to be surrounded by the things we love.


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