Continuing to downsize -

Now, for this post, you'll have to skip on down to the previous one to see the large pictures as compared to the ones in the post before that.  I've learned a new trick.  I understand  that allows limited user  space and when that runs out, another quantity of space must be purchased!  That's where the downsizing comes in - I don't want them to downsize my pocketbook!   I do enough of that myself without anyone else's help!

I first re-designed my blog to accomodate larger pictures.  Since I don't have a custom designed blog, all I had to do was go to blogger dashboard - template designer. I decided on the simple two column format - adjusted the widths to 1000 px maximum with 280 px for my right sidebar- then applied to blog.  Then I went to dashboard settings,  select post editor and selected updated editor.   So, now I know my pictures can be sized (almost)  to the 1000 px limit.  I've been making mine a 990 pixel width which seems to be working fine.  I  may reduce the size later if I see this is too large. 

Next, after resizing my picture to 990 px width (I use photoshop), I send to my Flickr account.  Once there, click share this, then HTML code, make sure size is correct, then copy the code.  I'm not sure what's involved using Photobucket or other picture hosts. 

Back to blog - in Edit HTML format, paste the code.  Change to compose format to view  the picture. 

It does take a few steps up front, but once these one-time adjustments to the blog are completed, then it's just a matter of resizing the picture, sending to Flickr, then to the blog post.  Keep in mind that I'm not a technician, guru, expert blogger, or any other kind of smart person....I'm the one who didn't even know how to copy and paste when I started my blog two years ago!  So, if I can do it, then I know it will a piece of cake for you!

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  1. Marty,
    If you are using Blogger, you don't need to send your pictures to Flickr first. You can download them directly to your blog post.

    Of course, you probably want them in Flickr too so maybe this saves you time.


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