Grandmother's Flower Garden

It was an Ah Ha moment this cold and rainy morning as I began putting the binding on this quilt - the one I call "Grandmother's Flower Garden."  The quilt and the moment just snatched the rainy-day-blues away from me!

Grandmother's Flower Garden

You see, I'm participating in the journal quilt challenge hosted by The Art Quilt Blog - and this month's prompt is highly prized.  I prize lots of things but nothing really seemed to punch my get-up-and-make-a-journal-quilt-about-it!  Until, this quilt brought back so many highly prized memories I have of my grandmother's flower garden. 

Her garden was always a simple one with zinnias and marigolds and canna lilies - oh, just all those old time flowers that re-seed year after year and flourish in the heat of the South. 

So, I found one of my thread sketched fabric cards, printed it on fabric and surrounded this pretty lady in her smart hat with imaginary flowers.  There you have it, my highly prized journal quilt.  It's a wee one at 7 1/2" x 9". 

Grandmother's flower garden -  journal quilt

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