Journal Quilt # 4 - I'm caught up!

I was really focused this week....focused on journal quilts....when I saw a friend of mine put this little scrap of fabric in her trash pile, I saw journal-quilt-potential.  She took pity and pulled it from her trash pile and lovingly put it my to-do-pile.  She's learned not to question!

step #1

Step #1 is most often the hardest....seeing potential in some one's trash! (or your own trash, for that matter)!
But, what do you have to loose?  

step #2
Step #2 can become somewhat overwhelming if you have a lot of fabric to audition.  In this case, I pulled a few blues and greens, then some multi-colors.  Really glad I did that because the purple and pink and orange and green and yellow and blue stripe was the very best choice...I thought!  But that bright green kept pulling at me too.

step #3

Step #3 involves letting go of all those free-motion stitching inhibitions.  And remember....coloring within the lines is not a requirement!  Also's okay to put more than one color thread in your work!'s okay to add more flower petals - not a requirement but I thought I would give it a try.  Again....what do I have to loose?  Now scroll back to step #1 to see how blah went pop.

steps # 4, 5, 6 jpg

Step #'s 4, 5, and 6....added the bright green piping to separate the white from the stripe....added batting and backing fabric, free motion quilted the "pebble" design.....attached hanging sleeve, added yarn to bind it - and yep!'s finished!  As simple as 1-2-3. 

step final

Now I can be happy strolling along the sidewalk looking at pretty flowers as I sing....zippidy do dah... zippidy day - it measures 8" x 14". 


  1. :)) Fantastic! And, such fun to follow the development of that terrific quilt!

  2. This came out great! Thanks for sharing the process. Just love that yarn binding, think I will try that for my next journal quilt ;-)

  3. I absolutely love to browse the trash of other quilters ;-)) There are sooo many treasures to be found! I enjoyed reading through your process, thanks for sharing - and yes, I love the finished quilt. A LOT !!

  4. Love it, Marty! Wish I had just half of your creativity!
    Donna in NW FL

  5. Marty, excellent!!!!!!!!
    Love it


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