My newest toy!

The poor man's letterpress - I saw it here - and immediately put this on my Christmas wish list.  So glad I did 'cause now I can make my personalized thank you note cards.  It's kind of an inch-by-inch thank you note card.  Very simple, a little crude, very me! 

Start with nine - one inch fabric squares - dot back of each with a dollop of glue (I used the cheap-0 glue stick) and place on a piece of card stock.  For ease in sewing, I cut the card stock in half.  Oh, and the inchies are glued, then sewn,  to the right 1/4 of the page.  Then, I used my new letter press toy to press on "thank you" in the open space between the inchies.  I intentionally placed the inchies asymmetrically to leave space for "thank you."  Fold the card in half and it's now ready for my personal note to gifters.  Fun! 

FYI - sANTA says he found my newest toy  at Hobby Lobby.


  1. Mary, I love it! Did you find it among the scrapbooking supplies in Hobby Lobby?

  2. Your cards are wonderful. I love the stitching path you used to attach the inchies.


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