Using Thread Wisely.....

using old thread

I spent the last 30 minutes or so sorting through my thread, pulling out the old spools as well as the ones with just a smidgen of thread left on them, transferring all to bobbins - now stored nicely in the bobbin keeper.    Now, why? at this time?  did I feel so compelled? to organize? 

Well, you see, I have three quilts that need bindings.   To reduce the chance of stretching and twisting the bindings,  I always baste, then press before attaching to my quilt.   Yep, that's a lot of (wasted) thread!   To make life easier today, I took the time to get organized then I could just baste the 900 inches of binding (almost) without stopping.  Not only do I use the old thread in the bobbin, but as the top thread also. 

So, how do I remember which bobbins are old and to be used for waste sewing?  I have three bobbin savers: two blue and one lavender.  I'm remembering a song from the 1980's that goes something like this -

"I want you....I need you....but there ain't no way that I'm ever gonna love you
but don't be sad!
'cause two out of three ain't bad!"

Get it!  Two good - and the third one, well, can't get rid of, but I'm not in love with anymore! 

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  1. Ah, organization. I get that bug once in awhile myself. ;)


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