Journal Quilt #3 - 2011

Continuing in my quest to stay third journal quilt for 2011!

Still Cock of the Walk

I really messed with his head - put the background fabric where part of his rooster crown should be - but that's okay....he's still cock of the walk!  The mistake was made quite some time ago - but I didn't have the heart to trash him so this little guy languished in the corner of my sewing room yea these many months....until yesterday.  While rambling around for something to do, I  found just the right scraps of fabric to raw edge around him to complete the rooster's yard.   While patience is not one of my virtues.....good things come to those who wait!  7" x 9 1/2" 


  1. This is great. Glad you finished it. I happen to love chickens and Roosters. :)

  2. All those wonky shapes seem so hard to do to me! Bravo for giving your rooster a place to roost!

  3.'s wonderful! Love all of your fabric choices!

  4. HI Marty, roosters and chickens make such great quilting subjects.
    He's great

  5. Great fabrics. No one would know there was a mistake until you pointed it out.

  6. Very cool. Those aren't ever mistakes, those are artistic expressions!



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