Around the Neighborhood

I don't have my journal quilt made for the week - but I have been playing around the neighborhood. While we don't live in one of these neat cottage style homes, we do live nearby so when we go old-folks-Sunday-driving, I take my camera and get a few shots in and around the 'hood.

This one truly is a beautiful little cottage, but my picture failed miserably!  Just before deleting it from my camera, I decided the barren tree limbs were worth keeping.....cropped, rotated, layered - an image I can love ~

And look very closely for the silhouette of black cat in the limbs.

With photoshop, anything can happen!  Now, let me go cut and splice some fabric to get a journal quilt completed before sunset. 


  1. Very, very nice. Yes, Photoshop is wonderful, isn't it! My father, early in the age of photography, spent hours retouching and printing black and white images. He would LOVE what we are able to do with computers today.

  2. Yours is about the fifth blog I have visited that has reminded me of skills I have and don't use enough. Thanks Marty, I will play with my pictures in Fireworks today.

  3. Photoshop is so much fun! I love editing images to see what I can come up with.

  4. Love that second house! I wonder if my husband would sign on to that color scheme :)


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