Placemats or Purses?

                                                          We do have choices - you know!

I found these three place mats on sale for less than a dollar each - so whether I make purses or use them when I dine alone (or when three of us dine in an eclectic frame of mind)  I'm still the winner!  I had this chain in my purse supply drawer and think the the bronze will look good with the melon and green mat - hmm, I mean purse!

The mat can be cut in half to make a smaller purse shown here.  I love this body hugger style when I fly out of the house and have no need to carry everything - including the kitchen sink! 

I used a pink drapery tieback for the strap which worked beautifully with the orange zipper! and yellow lining. 

and this mat was so nice and heavy - no lining required.  I just stitched up each side and added the strap.  It's available HERE


  1. Love the purses! It is so hard for me to see something other than what it is. Keep showing me and I might catch on. Thanks.

  2. Aren't placemats just the best for making little bags.

    Just awaiting our imaginations.

  3. I love your creative side and the way you most always have something in your stash to finish your projects. Maybe it will rub off on me.


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