Making Yardage!

I sometimes make yardage with one color scheme in mind, but today I decided that I would just pull lots of scraps and sew any color combo together. It's looking good here at my sewing center! I'll probably make a bunch of 24" squares then cut as needed and put into projects - such as (you might ask).....journal covers - or kitchen hot pads - or??

If I sash around the large squares with muslin strips, then a quilt top just might emerge out of my made-up yardage. Bet no one can buy fabric like I make!

FYI this is how I got the yardage to make Jailhouse Rock - just took my red/orange scraps and sewed them together.....did the same with my predominately black/white scraps, threw in some white alternate blocks and voila,  quilt top emerged.   Click photos to enlarge to see just how random these blocks are going together.  There is just no making a mistake while making yardage like mine!


  1. How very cool. Looks terrific!

    I do about the same sometimes with yarn. It comes out with the neatest results.

  2. Marty, I love doing the same thing. I've been putting scraps of oranges, browns and yellows together...Don't know what it will turn into yet.

  3. Love the woven effect of the reds and blacks.


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