Homespun - A CASA Quilt

Dorothy cleaned house the other day and filled box after box with fabric she no longer desired ????? and then donated those boxes  to our quilting group to make CASA quilts.  Our Tuesday Bees group is going to Camp Harris next week for our bi-annual girls get-away-and-gab-and-eat-and-sew-retreat and we are going to sew a few CASA quilts while there.  Well, I decided to get a head start so I brought one of Dorothy's boxes filled with fabric home with me yesterday and ran across a Ziploc bag filled with homespun scraps.  It's amazing what a few scraps can make.  I hope some little boy will enjoy snuggling into this quilt as much as I enjoyed putting it together. 

Now I need to dig deeper into that box for fabric for the back.  I'll probably piece scraps together to make the binding like I did here for my Jailhouse Rock quilt.  

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  1. Very, very nice. I'm sure some little boy will be delighted.


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