What a bargain!

Our quilt guild had a garage sale today - and here are the bargains I found. You know, their trash....my treasure! 

Yards of prairie points already made and ready to put into a project - in addition three pieces of fabric....granted, not large pieces, but I'll find a place to put them.

yummy bag of scraps

And this whimsical animal print was too cute to pass on! These little creatures lined up so sweetly just made me smile.

whimsical animal fabric at a bargain

Oh my and a never used purse pattern and silk!!


Four bags of buttons and beads....along side a wonderful linen. 

beads and linen

 Last fall one of our chapter members suggested we have a garage sale....instead of a meeting!  Sounded like a good idea to the rest of us....February 3rd it was.    We set the date months ahead to give every chapter member time to gather and price their contributions for the big  money-making event.  So, for two hours today, we had a garage sale.  Sure was a lot more fun than having a business meeting....and  we made big bucks.  We'll spend it wisely, no doubt! 

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  1. You found some great treasures! I LOVE that horse/zebra/whatever print.


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