Under the deep blue sea - quilt

It's okay to double click on the picture to see how good the binding stitch looks!

I found this yardage of tropical fish on sale and decided it would make a great panel for a community service quilt.  Sashed it in deep blue (as in the sea) and then bordered it in this great orange.  Ran out of orange so had to finish the binding in the blue flannel I used for the backing.  I normally hand sew my bindings on, but because I really don't know how much tender love and care this one will get, I decided to use the scallop decorative stitch to stitch the binding.  Wow!  Did that ever save time....must do this again when it's not an heirloom quilt!


  1. How nice! This would be a good "everyday" one for young kids who like to pull their blankets on the floor to watch TV. Just love the print!

  2. I LOVE the FISH.

    Your sewn binding is great. What more do your want when it is to be a utilitarian quilt?

    Some one's going to love that quilt to death.



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