Stairway to Cat Heaven Journal Quilt

In between making my Amish quilt and mourning the loss of black cat, I finished my weekly journal quilt...but let me begin from the beginning.....several years ago, I found the Stairway to Cat Heaven quilt pattern as printed in McCall's,  October, 1997, Quilting Magazine.  It was such a delight to make.  I've since sold that quilt, but still have all my pictures of it which I love to browse through from time-to-time.  Here's one version of it after I played around with the original picture in photoshop: 

stairway with cats and church steeple in background

Now, this brings me back to today....while making the 9-patch blocks for the Amish quilt, I realized that some were too small so I just threw the unfinished/unusable ones into a pile and continued on my merry way.  Very slowly, I'm filling in the blank spaces...only 8 more 9-patch blocks to go then the borders!

amish quilt work in progress 3 now it's afternoon and I'm back to the reason for this post - I wanted to make my weekly journal quilt and decided I would use one of the cats climbing into cat heaven.  Then I remembered the pile of unusable 9-patch blocks so I dug through them, put it all together and here is my completed journal quilt which commemorates the life of black cat who passed away Tuesday night. 

Steps 1-5

Steps to make cat heaven journal quilt

And here it is all quilted - finished journal quilt #5!
Stairway to Cat Heaven - journal quilt

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