Behind the Scene ~

I've been president of a local quilting group for the past two years and found myself asking lots of folks for lots of help - including Mary.  Mary isn't shy,  but when I would ask for her help on a project, she would always tell me that she liked to work behind the scene.  She never failed to volunteer, but it was always to do something "behind the scene."  Well, I caught Mary behind the scene this week.  This is the cutist little quilt she made for a darling great-grandson!   What a great idea Mary had to add contrasting borders, then a large border filled with pinwheels to pre-printed fabric panel - trucks even! The picture is a little blurry, but that's Mary's fault (!) - she was wiggling and talking while working  "behind the scene."  I waited and waited for a better shot, but it never happened.  For that reason.....


  1. That turned out very nice. I think I saw these types of panel recently while shopping. Will have to go check them out...would make short work for a quilt for charity or to have on hand for the next grandson. Well done.

  2. Fun one! I love the story behind it. A good reminder of how sometimes you just get the best you can - even when waiting to click. Thanks for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!


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