Cardinal Nesting

We had a huge storm last night - as did a major part of the country - but the mother cardinal protected her nest against the wind and the rain.....

   as she proudly displayed for me this morning ~

Love Kim Klassen's new texture ~ luminous ~ used on both pictures


  1. We have a nest holding a pair of a-week-old-birdlets(?) in our garden right now. I dare not take photos because the nest is just above my eyes and I don't want to disturb the nest. I remember one time, a nest fell out of a tree in our garden with the birdlets. You can guess what was the ending. And second, there are a few stray cats prowling around the garden lately.

  2. Oh my gosh, a Cardinal nest!!! What a treat!

  3. what a beautiful capture. i love these iamges- both So beautiful and the texture is wonderful!

    i am a bird lover and we don't have cardinals here so i really enjoyed this post. have a beautiful day~


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