Commissioned Art Quilt Completed ~

She brought me a scrap of upholstery fabric with a fleur-de-lis design woven in and said she wanted an art quilt.  Okay!

She also brought me some  table napkins, a place mat and a table scarf - all really pretty - but put my head swimming.  Look - I'm a quilter who works in cotton!  I looked at these pieces for a couple of weeks, then a few days ago, just bit the bullet and took my scissors to each piece and started cutting into smaller pieces then placing them back together on my design wall.  Much better than the large pieces! But -

 I decided it was too dark so started adding little pieces from my cupboard.  Still too dark so I cleared the design wall, found a dark green in my stash, put my cream sheet music fabric on top of I'm getting somewhere!

Cut the fleur-de-lis diagonally and  then laid it out with a space between each piece....added the gradient hand dyed, flower petals, and some of the table fabric the customer gave  I'm off to the sewing machine to sew it all in place.

Close up of pebble free motion stitching.

Conventionalized artistic design
Literally - lily - flower


  1. Very nice. I'm sure your customer will be very pleased. :)

  2. Wonderful stitching! Interesting design! Hope it sold for a lot!


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