Patchwork Bunny - Handmade - Easter Card

Here's my inspiration - a bunny ornament from The Sometimes Crafter.  But, since I didn't want to make a Christmas ornament - not for Easter anyway - I printed out the template, knowing I could do something with this great idea.  Since I was in a hurry this morning, I just pulled a few solids, not worrying too much about placement, put together a patchwork large enough to accommodate the bunny template.  I drew the template on the paper side of fusible then ironed that on the back of my patchwork.  Cut bunny out on the drawn line, pulled the paper off the fusible, then ironed him/her onto the cardstock.  Stitched around the bunny,  cut the cardstock to 5.5" and folded in half.  Now I can write my Easter note on the inside of my newly handmade Happy Easter card. 

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  1. And, it is a one of a kind greeting! One the recipient will surely save. :)


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