Look! What's on the table now?

I found this picture in a magazine some time ago and immediately declared it "too busy for my taste!"

But in retrospect????  Here's what I layed out on the table this morning to be my next table runner.....and it somehow doesn't seem to be too busy.  It's okay to re-think one's postion on how busy is too busy!


  1. I agree! I go back and look at what I've created through the years and wonder what I was thinking. Then, on the other hand, I find some items I thought didn't come out well and tucked away and rediscover them as pretty good after all. ;)

  2. Marty - It is going to be GORGEOUS! I hope you show us all when you have it done. Kaffe Fassett fabric has a way of marrying well with other Fassett fabric and really popping!

  3. You are right, the magazine photo is too busy. The difference is WHITE. That print in the magazine has far too much white background, whereas your chosen fabrics do not.
    White is to be avoided!

  4. Your fabrics look gorgeous! I will follow to see the end result. The first picture is busy, but also BORING! No comparison with your fabrics.Thank you for sharing!


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