Practice (may) make perfect! Free Motion Quilting

my free motion quilting practice - flame flower a design by Leah Day

Flame Flower - in my April color palette challenge quilt

Back of  April color palette challenge quilt

I've been bored with my work these past couple of days.....but will continue to press on to find a path that pleases me.  I'm finding that large pieces of fabric is hampering my style.....what I really like to work with are those little scraps and snippets of fabric - those that are cut or torn  into non-sensical shapes that have no meaning to anyone but me.  More thoughts later - but for now I must get on with my day!


  1. Well, Marty, this FM is looking pretty good.
    I've been doing a very little myself. But as you know practice must be a regular part of the day. I need to apply myself.

  2. I just love the backs of free motion sewing pieces. These are pretty front and back Marty!

  3. Yes, there is somethng about scraps and snippets of fabric that is very freeing! I wonder if it is the sense that there is no way we can ruin them? Or maybe we know that whatever we come up with is destined to be "one of a kind?" Loved your quilting on the flower...

  4. What a great way to practice new techniques!

  5. Marty, beautiful free motion!


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