Journal Quilt # 11

yeah....yeah....I know I've missed a couple.....but!

I am delighted to present to you "Rejoice"  - it was a great opportunity to practice my free motion quilting.  I've been keeping up with Leah's Free Motion Quilting Blog, but normally just look but don't do a lot of practice.  This pattern was too good to pass up. I watched Leah's video and she made it  easy; easy enough for me to give Wiggly Woven Lines a whirl!

Need inspiration go see more journal quilts - we share each week with Three Creative Studios.


  1. I love the orange.
    I think the color is under rated most of the time. But more and more I find myself drawn to it.
    Thanks for including the video.

  2. Love the quilt and thanks for reminding me about Leah's site.

  3. Very nice. I so enjoy watching what you make.


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