Heritage Quilt Guild Show & Tell

It was a day to remember.  I was asked to do the Heritage Quilt Guild (Jonesboro, Louisiana) program and came away with memories and photos of the chapter members' show and tell. 

I withheld the name of each quilter to protect the innocent:  What that means is that my memory doesn't serve me well!  My sincere apologies to all these wonderful quilters for my lapse in name recall. 

The raffle quilt for Louisiana Chicken Festival....Dubach, Louisiana, September 29.  Admission $1

The cutest applique quilt for a great-grandchild.
Quilted and ready for the binding.

And another applique design for another great-grandchild
Only two more to go.

For a grandson....how delighted he will be.

It was a little bitty mini beauty just about 4"x 6".
There will be a mini quilt category in the Heritage Quilt Show, September, 2013
(Jonesboro, Louisiana)
and this quilter has a head start! 

This one makes me sing out loud.

Another one quilted with binding added and off her to-do-list

She said the border block colors don't coordinate with the center panel!
We told her she might be a smidgen over-critical....it is a beauty, matchy matchy or not!

One scrap happy quilt

Happy are the quilters who participated in the stained glass workshop.

A vest made with men's silk ties.

 Black with creamy gray home deco fabric found in the closet.
What a find!

Free motion quilted by quilter:
Self taught .... thanks to a video she found on U-Tube

A pattern from a recent Fons and Porter quilt magazine.
It pays to keep those subscriptions paid up.

A Merry Christmas (tree) - a paper pieced block she won as a door prize a couple of years back. 
Now ready to adorn her home for the upcoming holiday season.

Circles?  Drunkard's Path? 

 Red and white and black - always great combinations.

Oh, and the lady who's back you see in all the pictures....well, that belongs to Miss Norma.
She was front and center and did not miss a thing! 

And, if you think these pictures are blurred....well, they are.  With every move of the quilter, thus goes the quilt....It's worse than trying to get a picture of a flower blowing in the wind.

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