Thoughts flying in and out of my head:

 You may call me "bird"

What's in a word?  Like: 
  • Proponent
  • Implore
  • Missive
  • Obscure
  • Clemency
Some words nagged at me this morning....I guess because I seldom see them used.  Wonder why? 

Put together:  While I am not a proponent of one wasting one's time, I do implore you not to agree to or sign any missive without first reading and understanding the obscure language within.  Won't you have clemency on the writer of this post. 

Or, put another way:  I hate to to see you waste time reading, but you really don't want to sign that piece of paper that may be giving away your rights along with the rights of your first born child!  Have mercy on ignorance. 

Smile for the camera and don't cross to the other side of the street when you see me coming!

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