I Don't Do White.....

Finished my rug and auditioned it here and here:

under my office chair....no!

then in front of my vintage kitchen cupboard that I use to store my quilting fabric, but no...no

I ultimately decided it's 24" x 36' size got too lost in my sewing/art studio so moved it to my not so white little tiny bathroom.  Now, my quilt on a rug, made here, is at home. 

And, speaking of home:  Did I say that I don't do white!  It's an older home, built in the 1950's.....so, as you can imagine, the bathroom tiles are the colors of the '50's. Not wanting (not having the money) to spend mega bucks on bathroom redo's we opted to live with the pink in one bathroom and the green in another and tan in the other.  We love it !(&?. and love living with it.

I call the pink bathroom mine.....and because of it's teeny size, I can take all the liberties I want with it.  My original liberty was to replace the broken commode lid with one made of oak....straight out of the Lowe's bath department, added a neutral big stripe wallpaper, then began to jazz it up a bit with my  Jazz Festival poster, then my cross stitch and needle point framed pieces, then more and more!  From there, I added orange bath towels, so by the time I got my pojagi inspired shower curtain finished last month,  I new exactly where it would hang.  Instead of tedious grommets, I found the clip rings in the drapery hardware department at Lowe's.  So easy! 

Continuing to add the rug just made sense!  Agree? 

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